Daysy 2.0 & "Kenne deinen Zyklus"

CHF 430.00

The unbeatable duo to know your cycle

This bundle is just perfect for all women who want to know their cycle and body better. The bundle is only available in our store!

With our combination package consisting of Daysy and the book "Kenne deinen Zyklus" you have everything you need to experience your cycle naturally and healthily. When you buy the bundle, you save CHF 10 on Daysy.

"Kenne deinen Zyklus" explains the fascinating processes in our body in a clear and easy-to-understand way and helps women to better understand their own cycle. The book provides a solid basic knowledge and gives many valuable tips for tracking your cycle. It makes you want to embark on an exciting journey to yourself and engage with your own body in a completely new way in order to decode its secret signals.

The book is only available in German!


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