Natalie Rechberg-Egly

Natalie Rechberg-Egly

FemTech Entrepreneur, Founder of Daysy, and CEO of Valley Electronics AG

Natalie Rechberg-Egly, CEO of Zurich-based Valley Electronics AG, enters the room in an energetic, passionate, and straightforward manner. Before the first question has even been asked, she has already dived deep into the matter at hand: menstrual cycle tracking as an empowerment tool. She gets straight to the point, because using lifestyle fertility trackers to help women to learn more about their bodies, their menstrual cycles, and their fertility is something she cares deeply about. It is nothing short of her personal mission to enable women everywhere to monitor their fertility by getting to know their fertile and infertile phases in natural harmony with their body.

“I want to provide a female perspective!”

In so doing, she is following in the footsteps of her father, Dr. Hubertus Rechberg, who is the company founder and a pioneer in the field of automated menstrual cycle tracking. In 1986, he developed the first personal fertility computer, Baby-Comp, to support his wife by providing her with the information she needed to identify the days in each cycle when she was likely to conceive; this was many years before any of today’s fertility tracking apps were available on the market. As the eldest of four daughters, Natalie watched her father develop innovative and technologically-advanced methods for fertility tracking from an early age. His vision then is hers today, and she works continuously to make fertility computers ever more user-friendly and ever more precise.

“My father has inspired my passion, my drive and my business sense!”

Natalie Rechberg-Egly completed a degree in International Communications/ Business Studies at Franklin University in Switzerland in 2004, followed by a Master’s degree in Marketing at the University of St. Andrews School of Management in Scotland in 2006. During her studies, she also worked at her father’s business, Valley Electronics. After finishing higher education, she gained external experience in consulting companies, working as an Account Coordinator at JB Cumberland in New York from 2006 to 2007 and as a PR Executive at Farner Consulting AG in Zurich. She kept sight on the progress of the fertility tracker market, with an eye on the growing number of women looking for an easy-to-use, natural method for menstrual cycle tracking.

In September 2008, Natalie Rechberg-Egly returned to Valley Electronics, working in several departments in the company. At first, she worked as a manager for Business Development at Valley Electronics AG in Zurich; she founded Valley Electronics LLC in June 2009 and has since been the CEO of this company and in charge of the US business.

Since August 2013, Natalie Rechberg-Egly has held the position of Chief Executive Officer for Business Development and Development of New Products at Valley Electronics AG. In 2014, she was responsible for the launch and distribution of both product lines from her father and is now working to further refine them, e.g. by integrating new technologies and applications. Natalie Rechberg-Egly focuses on the bare essentials: simplicity, quality, technological excellence, reliability, and experience.

“Our mission is to provide women with the knowledge and the tools that they need to learn more about their menstrual cycle, their fertility, and their bodies.”

Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle.