Daysy View Update 2.3.4 - WHAT’S NEW

  • New high/low temperature alerts for those occasional “off the charts” temperature values.
  • Stability fix for that pesky predicted ovulation marker that wanted to disappear for some users. It will stay put for you now, but remember this is a prediction set at the start of your cycle. Daysy will only confirm your ovulation and switch to green once there has been a sustained temperature shift and then will move the ovulation marker to the confirmed day once you are 5 days into your next cycle.


DaysyView Progress Update

We greatly appreciate the constructive feedback we receive from our valued Daysy users.  It is your feedback that helps us identify important problem areas or areas that could be improved to offer a better experience for everyone.  Using your feedback, our app developers have been diligently working to improve the user experience with DaysyView and continue in their efforts to provide an easy to understand concept with all the information you wish to see from your Daysy while still being able to add additional information such as cervical mucus, intercourse, and other notes.  Over the past year, improvements have focused on two main areas: synchronization (cable and Bluetooth) and the user interface (UI).


One of our biggest goals is to make sure Daysy synchronizes with your phone without any hassle.  Overall synchronization response times have been improved and will continue to be improved as development of new features progresses.  While there are only a handful of iPhone models and these all work in essentially the same way, there are over 24000 models of Android devices, all with slightly different specifications.  This creates a challenge for every developer, especially when trying to get two devices to communicate on a two-way band.  Over the past year, we have implemented framework updates to provide stability improvements for new iOS/Android updates and support for additional phone models.  Automatically activating the Android location setting (an Android Bluetooth requirement) through DaysyView helped to reduce first time user frustrations.  We also implemented a backup sync feature for some Android users to be able to sync via USB cable if the Bluetooth just will not connect.  (Unfortunately, Android 10 and iOS do not allow data transfer via the USB cable.)  Sometimes a Bluetooth communication interruption will result in a message stating “no data received.”  We have updated the app communication protocols so you no longer have to wait for Daysy to fall asleep or restart the app if this happens.  Daysy will automatically reconnect and finish the synchronization.

Editing Menstruation 

Long time Daysy users may have been very pleased to see the return of the menstruation edit feature in the DaysyView 2.1 update.  Temporarily removed with the launch of DaysyView 2.0, our team was able to restore this feature so that Daysy 1.0 users can edit the past three days of menstruation as they had been able to do in previous app versions.  Instructions for how to do so are included in the troubleshooting section below.  If you have a Daysy 2.0, edits for the past three days should be made directly on your Daysy.  A tutorial can be found here: Tutorials

Other Sync Improvements

Additional improvements have included a more accurate setting of the internal clock on your Daysy 2.0 which resolved a small issue that could occur if you synchronized very late at night, resulting in confusion on the app.  We also implemented a fix for those who wanted to continue measuring their temperature throughout their pregnancy, or who were tracking their temperature curve without having a regular cycle so that data beyond cycle day 99 will continue to be imported into the DaysyView calendar.  Skipping an extended period of time between synchronizations should no longer cause any problems and all data will be imported the next time you sync, though that first synchronization may take a little depending on how much data needs to be transferred.

User Interface

Improvements to the UI are meant to improve your daily use of the app and make it more “user-friendly.”  Frequently, your comments on social media or to our customer support team are relayed to the app developers to help make a more appealing experience.  Some of our UI improvements have included tasks such as more visible text and icons and translation fixes.  We have also tried to remove any unnecessary notification popup windows and make those that do occur more understandable.  For users in the US, Canada, and Japan, we added to the ability to change the calendar week start day to Sunday for a more familiar looking calendar.  And for those around the world who use the 12 hour clock instead of the 24 hour clock, this was also implemented.  Early users of DaysyView 2.0 may remember a limited temperature curve view, but this was also improved with a better scale to the graph as well as a slightly zoomable view.

This is only a brief glimpse of some of the activities going on “behind the scenes.”  Our team welcomes your feedback and continues their work to bring you an app that is simple, clean, and precise while still providing you the flexibility of synchronizing on your own schedule.

A message regarding feedback on DaysyView + troubleshooting information 

Your experience of the app is of utmost importance to us and your suggestions and concerns are taken into account for each new update.  Ideas for improvements to the app can always be shared with your local support team and they will pass the information along to the app development team.

Should you ever experience a concern with the app, we have multiple avenues to find solutions.  Our FAQ and Video Tutorial pages on the website offer valuable information for common troubleshooting steps, as well as a few basic instructions included below. If you are still uncertain or unable to resolve your concern, our dedicated support staff is always happy to assist you.



Valley Electronics AG 
Marienstrasse 16
8003 Zürich
Tel. +41 44 577 68 69
Fax +41 44 577 68 70 

Please make sure to include the following information in your email: 

1. The issue you are experiencing and what you have already tried to solve it 
2. The type of phone you are using 
3. The software version of your phone (iOS 9.0 etc or Android 5.0 etc)
4. The serial number of your Daysy (if you are logged into the app, this is found at the bottom of the main menu page).



A. How to log in:

Please make sure you're not in the demo login, but in the appropriate Daysy login for your Daysy model. 

Daysy 1.0 - Be sure the volume on your mobile device is turned up and not set on silent, and that the app has access to your microphone.

- Open DaysyView.
- Accept the data protection rules and then select Daysy (Cable).
- Very important: choose Allow on the pop-up notification asking for permission to record audio or access the microphone. 
- Connect your Daysy with your phone and press the button on Daysy to activate it.
- The app will now retrieve the serial number of your Daysy.
- Then you should be able to enter your email address.
- Now click on the pink arrow icon.
- The activation code will be sent to your email address. If it is not received, please confirm there was not a spelling error in the email entry.
- Please enter this activation code in your app (and confirm it with the pink arrow icon).
- If Daysy has fallen asleep, turn Daysy back on to complete the synchronization process.- A new window appears saying that your Daysy is synchronizing.
- Please be patient and do not disconnect your Daysy from the phone.
- Once Daysy has finished syncing and you can see the latest data, you can disconnect Daysy from your phone and cable.
When syncing for the first time, the app must pull all data from your Daysy, so you may see the "syncing" window disappear briefly and data does not show on correct dates. Wait 1-2 seconds and the "syncing" window reappears and finalizes the process so all of your data is displayed correctly.

Daysy 2.0 – Be sure Bluetooth mode is activated on your phone.  Android phones must allow the app to access the location permissions.

- Open DaysyView.
- Accept the data protection rules and then select Daysy (Bluetooth).
- Turn Daysy on and then press the activation button two times (blue light blinking). Bluetooth mode is activated.
- When you see the blue light illuminated, your Daysy is connected.
- The app will now retrieve the serial number of your Daysy.
- Then you should be able to enter your email address.
- Now click on the pink arrow icon.
- The activation code will be sent to your email address. If it is not received, please confirm there was not a spelling error in the email entry.
- Please enter this activation code in your app (and confirm it with the pink arrow icon).
- You will now advance to the calendar page and be able to view your data.

B. Daily synchronization with Daysy 2.0:

On many phones, the Bluetooth synchronization will work best if you open the app and wait for the “loading” window to disappear before activating the Bluetooth mode on your Daysy and starting the synchronization.

 C. Editing menstruation through DaysyView for Daysy 1.0:

Using DaysyView, you can edit up to the past three days of menstruation data for Daysy 1.0. 

- Sync Daysy for the current day after your morning measurement.
- Disconnect Daysy from your phone/tablet.
- Select the first date to be edited on the calendar.
- Choose Add from the bottom of the display.
- Select the period icon so it is fully pink.
- Press Save in the top right corner.
- A pop up of Data Syncing will appear, followed by a message asking if you want to edit another day.
- Select Yes to edit additional days and repeat the steps above.
- After making all necessary edits, select No when asked if you want to edit another day.
- Follow the prompt to connect Daysy to your phone and turn her on. Be patient!
- A popup window appears saying Daysy Syncing.
- This window may disappear and reappear several times as the data is edited on your Daysy. Be patient and do not disconnect Daysy until Daysy falls asleep.
- If the cycle day still appears wrong, select another day on the calendar and then back to the current day and it should be updated.

For Daysy 2.0, please make any edits directly on your Daysy.  A tutorial can be found here: Tutorials