LadyCup Cherry (L)

The menstrual cup for all women who want to lead a more comfortable life

LadyCup is a modern menstrual cup that is inserted just like a tampon, offering many advantages over conventional feminine hygiene products such as tampons or pads.

LadyCup collects your menstrual blood during menstruation without drying out your vagina. Furthermore, no bacteria can adhere to the completely smooth and even surface made of medical silicone. This way, your natural vaginal flora will not be affected.

LadyCup is safe, modern, easy-to-use, environmentally friendly, and completely hygienic.

Depending on the intensity of your menstruation, LadyCup offers you reliable protection for up to 12 hours. In doing so, it can replace pads and tampons completely. Thanks to its long-lasting lifetime of up to 15 years, it will save you a lot of money – after about 4 months, you can already recoup the costs of the purchase price.

LadyCup is available in two sizes, making it suitable for most women. The stem has a size of 19 (S) or 13 (L) mm and can be shortened with a scissor or a sharp knife. (Please follow the instructions for use!)

LadyCup - Size L:

For women who have given birth naturally or who are older than 25 years

  • diameter: 46 mm
  • length: 53 mm
  • length of the stem: 13 mm
  • capacity: 34.3 ml

Material: 100% medical silicone

Size L: Suitable for women who have given birth to a child or who are older than 25 years.

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